Live Casino Games Past, Current and Future

Live casino gaming may be one of the most advanced in the field of online casino – not only do players get the chance to play their favourite casino games from home comfort,  คา สิ โน สด but they also enjoy the fun and exciting environment of live gaming. However, of course, without the conventional type of games that have taken place over the years, we would have not had Karamba, nor any other live casino. Read all on how far live casino games really have come.

The Background

Cubes, Game, Gaming, Play, HappinessThe gaming act can be dated back to 3000BC where a 6-sided die is used for betting. Early into the 10th century, proof of dominoes, board games in Asia and various dedicated gaming houses has been discovered.

The USA is also hailed as the birthplace of Poker, as we know it today, while the game As-Nas, played by the Persians in the 17th century, is considered to evolve from a similar theme. The first casino in Venice is recognised for its real brick and mortar establishments. First opened in 1638, this legendary casino. The first regulated gambling climate. Walking out. Regulations had been adopted and more casinos were popping up all over Europe by the 19th century.

Now that we think of the brilliant lighting and ringing slots of the slot machine, it took forever to find a way into the casino before the fun developments. Since the first version in 1891, slot machines were mostly used in bars and pubs, thanks to Sittman and Pitt, and to further work by Herbert Mills and then Bally. The first real video slot was invented only in 1976 and took place in the luminous lights of a casino resource in Las Vegas.

It’s the dawn of the web where the world of casino gaming really got started, offering a completely novel way to play and making games more available.

The Current

Online gambling is the standard at present. These online casinos left plenty to be desired at the outset – with poor visuals and pixelated photos, occasionally and gaming later on. However, the efficiency of online gaming applications has also increased as the Internet has grown. It was a familiar storey as live casino games arrived on the scene. The games were shot on low-cost webcams and real-time casinos instead of the studios we’re used to.

New online casino live experience in specially built studios and best cameras around is high-tech and fast-paced. This gives the players the best angles and there is no risk that the action will be missed.


  • Live action variants of almost any casino game can be played, including Blackjack, Roulette, Poker or Slots.Chips, Casino, Luck, Red, Cube, Play
  • The Forward
  • Although there is no promise of the success of live casino gambling, we can foresee a few things.
  • With smartphone applications becoming prevalent, more live casino sites than desktop websites are likely to be used as apps.
  • Live casino chat rooms will continue to expand, enabling players both to call and to call video.
  • Live games can use technologies for augmented reality, and can also enable players at the beginning of the game to shuffle and handle cards.

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